Koi Pond Vol 2.jpg

Koi Pond vol. 2 

w/Soul Food Horns

The sequel has finally arrived! Available everywhere digitally, and on limited edition vinyl!

11 new feel good chillhop style songs with Cloudchord and Soul Food Horns. Special guests include Saib, Yapser, G Mills, Lapa and Youngteam.

Key Tracks: Low Key, Bootin'

Cloudchord - Reverence art.png



Reverence is Cloudchord’s new record of acoustic beats, out May 15, 2020. The record’s intention is to reset & cleanse the palette of Cloudchord’s fans as he pairs his breezy steel string guitars & ukuleles alongside a diverse set of collaborators. Reverence naturally adopts an easy, meditative tone as fans of lo-fi, instrumentals, funk & jazz take a pleasant journey through each track. 

Key Tracks: Pleasant Dreams, A Hui Hou


Art Credit: Trina Richie Hines



Self-released Attunement is filled with warm guitars, strings, brass, reeds, woodwinds, voices & hazy  beats…. All ready to help you center.

Key tracks: Bonjour, Octave Memory

Art Credit: Dylan Wood / Dark Matter


Koi Pond

w/Soul Food Horns

Koi Pond is the first full-length collaboration produced by Cloudchord & Soul Food Horns. Released by Chillhop Music, Koi Pond gives you the perfect soulful soundtrack for midsummer. 

Key Tracks: Too Young For Secrets, Morning Crackle

Art Credit: Dylan Wood / Dark Matter



Imprint,  Cloudchord's debut album, released via Gravitas Recordings, invokes the sound when Spring hits a little harder. 

Key Tracks: Birdbath & Beyond, Aviator

Art Credit: Grim


Citrus Fever Dream.png

Citrus Fever Dream 

w/ Emancipator

'Citrus Fever Dream' is a true synergy between the Layering and Vibration Mastery of Emancipator, and the neo-soul/ chillhop instrumentalism of Cloudchord. The duo ended up getting psychedelic in Oregon one weekend, and Citrus fever Dream embodies those experiences they had.

Art Credit: Trina Richie Hines



w/ Oatmello

The follow-up ep to Diamonds contains four new mellow bops. This new series features much of Cloudchord's acoustic guitar playing. 

CC Blue - cloudcovers.jpg

Art Credit: Trina Richie Hines


What happens when you take a quintessential pop song, and pass it through a guitar and a filter of pure neosoul? you get "Cloudcovers." 

Cover songs are somewhat overdone. So here's the twist: every single sound was made from electric guitars in his collection, a testament to Cloud's skill and spiritual love for the instrument. From the kick drum and snare sounds, to sound design and melodies, it all comes from a guitar!

Moonflower Artwork .jpeg

Art Credit: ProbCause



From Cloudchord: As instrumental act, I seldom work w/ vocalists and rappers, but Covid life 2020 serendipitously gave me an unexpected joie de vivre for the vibration of these songs.  “The problem with the world is people’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”  That line was my True North for this body of music, and the message that inspired me to see this project through. So much so, that in edition to the 4 song digital ep, we have a 10 song deluxe vinyl and hoodie!

cloudchord x headphone activist2.jpg

Crossing Borders

w/Headphone Activist

Cloudchord and Headphones Activist collaborate on 4 slow moving, vacation like songs. Crossing Borders is music born out of, and inspired by the Great Pause. 

Art Credit: Julien Mier

CC takenbythesky2.jpg

Taken By The Sky

Sometimes music fans want to hear an artist swinging for the fences. While Cloudchord tends to embody the lofi chillhop side of things, “TBTS” serves as a joyful, 4 song energetic detour. 

CC holiday tape 2.jpg

Holiday Tape 2.0

Year 2 of the Cloudchord Holiday Tapes. Features a mix of classics & originals, all infused with Cloudchord’s signature guitars, vocals feat. ProbCause & Chantel Mead, & Soul Food Horns. 

Art Credit: ProbCause

one flight up art .JPG


One Flight Up

w/G Mills

One Flight Up is a low-key banger, study in beats, collab EP. Cloudchord's Neo soul fingerstyle guitar meets G Mills' lively boom bap beats. 

Art Credit: Dylan Wood / Dark Matter

Moon Foertune ep art Final.jpg


Moon Fortune

w/Soul Food Horns

In this 4 song collaboration w/ Soul Food Horns, Cloudchord brings feel-good, lo-fi house to center stage. 

CC Sun Naps.jpg


Sun Naps


4 songs of neo soul boom bap with my favorite beat maker from Seattle, Goosetaf. 

CC sugar weather.jpg


Sugar Weather

w/Hm Surf

4 Songs for late spring. Hm Surf is one of my favorite unique producers, so this was a joy to make! 

CC refresh.jpg



4 songs for unhurried introspection & meditation. 

CC Diamonds.jpg




5 chill bumps with Oatmello. Raw & off the cuff, Diamonds was made in just a few weeks over the internet.

Art Credit: K Buckland Photo




Cloudchord Singles 

Since my singles, remixes and features are so vast, I decided to just make a playlist for them.


They include Chillhop Essentials singles, features for Emancipator, remixes for Clozee & Big Gigantic, and many more singles with friends and musicians I admire.