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Season Two: Spring

Cloudchord Spring zSample Pack Art.jpg

Season Two: Spring

Cloudchord's 2nd release on Gumroad

In this guitar sample pack, you'll find 10 soulful and beautiful, but sometimes funky and dirty guitar songs to sample. All sounds are inspired by Cloudchord's latest album Bloom Bap. Each song is an 8 bar loop, in the form of full mix, and individual stems. Royalty free... have at it.

Season One: Winter

Cloudchord Season One Winter.jpg

Season One: Winter

Cloudchord's 1st release on Gumroad. Unlock the Chill and get all the guitars, bases, synths and sound design featured in this track. 

In this pack you'll get 11 song starters, labeled by key and BPM, and include electric and acoustic guitars, sound design, electric bass, synth bass, and midi clips for key bass lines and chord progression. Each song includes all stems, and a mix fo the song itself. 

Over 3 dozen one shots are included as well.  507 MB of original sounds created/recorded/processed by Cloudchord. Includes all sounds heard on this demo except for drum breaks.

Lofi Beats & Soul Guitar 



Featured On Splice

Cloudchord's 2nd pack for Splice contains 5 mini songs, aka construction kits. 

"Each of the 5 kits contain a multitude of chordal and melodic elements, including professionally recorded guitars, rhodes, tympany, upright bass, piano, and hardware synths."

Medasin X Cloudchord Overdose Vol 11



Featured On Splice

On his first pack for Splice, Cloudchord is featured as a guest for the recurring Overdose Series with Medasin.

“Medasin is back with the 11th volume of the Overdose series. This time, he partnered with Cloudchord for some seriously smooth jams. VanScoten enjoys exploring riffs and melodies without a set goal, keeping his fans guessing but always pleased. In this pack, find airy, effervescent sounds and atmospheric grooves for crafting a chill hop track that'll have any head bopping.”

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